Importance of dedicated servers

There are various reasons for which an individual, enterprise or a business house often decides to utilize a dedicated server to host their web portals. Dedicated server hosting offers numerous advantages to a hosting client or end-user based on their specific requirements and website performance.

Why is dedicated server hosting preferred?

Dedicated servers in India are preferred as they are more secure and reliable than the shared hosting services. There are times when even the best of shared hosting providers fail to come up to the service excellence of the dedicated server hosting. The safety and stability are more. Whilst using a dedicated hosting service a client can leave all worries about sharing the server with other portals.


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Leading companies offering various solutions to the data centers in India have come up with innovative dedicated server hosting solutions that are backed up an expert and dedicated group. These companies are well equipped to offer the best service standards through efficient 24X7 OS assistance and administration. Some of the benefits of such solutions are as follows:-

* There is a 24X7 NOC team that troubleshoots the user’s downtime and server performance concerns

* The routine server administration and other tasks are handled by experts

* There are personalized alerts, root cause analysis, and issue resolutions covered by fault management services


* The operations support assures automated backups, data restoration, trouble ticket management, and escalation of hardware problems.

This apart, another essential feature of this dedicated hosting solution is listed below:-


* Linux and Windows assistance available

* 24X7 remote hands assistance

* Performance Tweaking

* Antivirus installation and updates

* Change in configuration assistance

* Routine maintenance activities on the server

* OS patching

* Software preloaded

* 24X7 monitoring for spikes or unusual activity

* Fault management

* Free IP addresses and many others

The data centers offered by the service providers of dedicated hosting ensure that all the IT infrastructure needs of the client and end-user is fulfilled. These needs can vary from co-location services, backup solutions, firewall, dedicated hosting and few more. There are SLA’s with the best industry standards and an expert team at work that offers you a competitive.

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